​5 modern games your kids should play

Right, so you may have noticed I have not been posting content on Supermegabit for the past few weeks, and there is a very good reason for that – I became a dad!

Little César bas been under the limelight for a while now, the kid leaves me with little time to either play or write about videogames. Ironically, and I understand it is a tad bit too early for this, I have been thinking about a handful of modern games games I would love to introduce him to down the line. No pressure kiddo, really! I thought of sharing my thoughts on a few games with you and explain why these would make a good first impression of the gaming world. Also, understand these are meant to be experienced by younger folks, so you will not find Dark Souls on this list. Yet. Read on.

Pokémon Red/Blue

I often describe Pokémon Red and Blue whilst chatting with fellow gaming enthusiasts as “babies first RPG”. That is is not derogatory in any way, it simply means that Nintendo’s cash cow is a perfect fit for those dipping their toes in stats-based games. Gamefreaks’ outing shines through a solid, yet accessible battle system and encourages young minds to align a balanced team in order to tackle more challenging Pokémon and trainers as they progress through the not-too-long story. Collecting the adorable monsters adds a nice kick to the whole thing, as kids are likely to fall in love with fan favorites such as Pikachu and Squirtle, as I have back in the day. And Snorlax is in there, too. The world needs more Snorlax, I say. Moreover, the game is currently available on the 3DS, so you do not have to dust off your ancient Game Boy or anything.

Capcom vs SNK 2

Fighting games are a must where your gaming education is concerned. This genre symbolizes pure, unadulterated gameplay experiences originally designed to eat up every coin in your wallet at the local arcade center. Be honest, if you are reading this, chances are you grew up having fun playing Street Fighter II or The King of Fighters, so why deny your offspring the same privilege? 2001’s Capcom vs SNK 2 welcomes characters from both franchises in a much celebrated mash-up that is incredibly easy to play, serves as the ultimate couch multiplayer fighting title and perhaps more importantly, introduces kids who were not around to see the advent of the world’s greatest combat franchises to a plethora of characters and lore. Having this much fun whilst learning what an Hadouken is or why SNK’s Terry is the coolest character never hurt anyone. Also, you may try and play this with your son or daughter on a Sega Dreamcast, aka one of the best consoles ever made. Not too shabby!

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow

Let’s get one thing straight – sooner or later, César will be made aware of Castlevania. Konami has been actively trying to kill off one of their top franchises, but I certainly won’t let it die in my memory. These games are absolutely fantastic, dressed in exuberant 2D artwork, deep and interesting lore, an ode to gothic vampirism that is still second to none in terms of map design and elegant exploration and combat mechanics. Dawn of Sorrow is not the very best game in Castlevania’s brilliant history but it is perhaps its best point of entry. Firstly, the anime-inspired look and feel translates to a friendlier tone for younger folks whilst preserving the series’ overall pixelart presentation. The game also introduces some light touch screen interactions thus exposing your kid to what may be a lifelong relationship with touch controls on other games outside the Castlevaniaverse. Finally, the gameplay is all here. Every single young gamer must know what Metroidvania did to the industry, and they should experience Dawn of Sorrow accessible yet expertly implemented rendition of its fundamental rules. You fight, discover, go back to that previously locked room, pick up a much better weapon and rediscover the pleasure of having a masterfully crafted videogame in your hands.

Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is not just the best game on the Wii, it is one of finest videogames ever made. The soundtrack is absolutely amazing, inspiring, emotional and dramatically in sync with the game’s galactic themes. Galaxy plays like a dream, too, as Nintendo has expertly emulated a sense of gravity while Mario hops around small planets that often serve as your traditional courses.  It feels superb, it is meant to put you on a galaxy far, far away in recognizable company asking you to waggle your Wiimote around sporting a dumb, smiley face at all times. When a Nintendo game reaches god-tier status, the age of the player holding the controller becomes irrelevant – everyone can and should experience the magical journey Super Mario Galaxy offers. I cannot wait to see my kid’s face when he finally plays it for the first time.

Shadow the Hedgehog

Sometimes life kicks you in the head. It is not all rainbows and good things. You will experience sadness and disappointment when you least expect it. Your kid might as well get used to the fact that awful, rage-inducing videogames are a thing, too.

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