From Transistor with love

[This article contains spoilers for Supergiant Games’ Transistor]

The city of Cloudbank was built out of its masters’ thirst for control, you know that Red. No. Never mind. Listen, you still get to cast your vote on the ballot, right? Don’t do it, not just yet. You got a show coming up, don’t you? They still got you. I say you step up to the plate and keep folks entertained. Do your thing.

I’ll be back in a sec. Really, I’m fine.


It was him, Red. No, they all did it. I swear I could see them lined-up in their pretty dresses just now. Leave me be. Just go. What’s that? Talk to me, Red! They got to you, too, didn’t they? Well, what a pickle we find ourselves in. It’s the Process, Red. They wanna cleanse the city, start anew. How could they do this to us? Those kids back at the harbor, I…

Red, calm down. I’m alive. Over here. Can you see me? Not as charming as before, you think? Well, can’t hurt to have a big chunk o’metal in your back pocket. At least we’ll be able to scare those anomalies off. They won’t take us down that easily, kid. You can’t sing, but we can still fight. Your friend, the lady in white. She’s part of the Camarada. No, trust me. She’s gotta go, Red.

Look at this place, can you believe what’s happened to Cloudbank? We were supposed to matter. Each and every single one of us. ‘Freedom and Equality’, I believe they had that on a post-sign when I first came here. Think they got tired of pretending us good folks punching a random vote in every once in a while would work out? Yeah, I know. Look, I love bridges as much as the next guy, but if most people in Cloudbank want a shiny new catwalk, someone’s still gotta pay for it. He’s still calling the shots in this place, isn’t he? I wouldn’t be able to cope with it myself, let me tell you. Never been the shepherd-type myself. Good thing you’re not a cute little lamb either, Red.


I’m sorry for Sybil. I don’t know what to say… Just… look at what she’s done, all that they did, Red. I’m sorry, but it was her fault, too. Don’t look back now, what’s done is done. We’ve gotta go after him, this is far from over. Don’t do this, Red, you know I can’t stand watching you cry… We’ve got the data, we’ve got the upper hand on those beasts. It will all be up to you soon. I never thought it would come to this but, but I’m right here with you, Red. If we fall, I’ll see you back in the Country. Just make sure you take a good swing at his heart.

This doesn’t seem possible. Is that… Cloudbank? What have we done…? Was it worth it? What now? I can no longer feel the shackles pressing against my throat. My hands and arms hurt, though. Never felt this before. Where are you? Did you manage to make it out alive? You gave me back my voice. Thank you…

I love you.

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